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Winter 2008
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A Short History of Nanoscience
While technology is now enabling startling new applications for science at the nanoscale, a historical look shows that humans have made use of nanomaterials for thousands of years.

Q&A with James J. Hickman, Founding Director of NanoScience Technology Center
The founding director of the NanoScience Technology Center answers questions about the latest research being done at UCF.

Nanoparticles Enable Physicians to Visualize Tumors at an Earlier Stage of the Disease
Nanoparticles can be designed to latch onto cancer cells and signal their presence, giving researchers and physicians a new tool for early detection of small tumors.

Unique Laboratory Enables Integration of Electronics and Living Brain Samples
The science conducted at UCF’s unique Hybrid Neuronal Systems Laboratory is not possible at any other lab in the world.

NanoScience Technology Center Focus Areas
A diverse group of scientists, most of whom have joint appointments with other academic units on campus, are working in UCF’s NanoScience Technology Center to research and discover the potential of nanotechnology
to treat disease, create materials and power ever-smaller electrical devices.

A Samplling of Nanoscience Projects at UCF
Nanoscience is an enabling technology, touching almost every discipline on campus. A sampling of funded research projects at UCF includes photonics, the biomedical sciences, solar energy, physics and other areas.

Recent research projects are uncovering unexpected uses of a particular type of rare earth nanoparticle that has been found in tests on rat brains that increases longevity, reduces risk of spinal cord disorders and improves eyesight.

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