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Office of Research Internal/Partnership Programs

To support and encourage research endeavors at University of Central Florida, Office of Research offers a variety of internal research funding opportunities and partnership/collaborative funding opportunities for faculty researchers.

Office of Research Internal Programs



Office of Research Mentoring Programs – These programs are intended to pair UCF senior researchers with eligible assistant and associate professors in a mentoring relationship that will increase the probability of success for the mentees to secure external research funding.

Office of Research Sponsorship of Conferences and Workshops - The Office of Research is committed to supporting research related conferences, workshops, etc. We have decided to strategically invest funds to support important areas of research that have national or international impact, and advance the priority metrics of UCF’s strategic plan.

Recognition of Early Career Grant Recipients - Externally funded Early Career Development grant recipients may apply for $10,000 in support of a doctoral graduate student as recognition of their prestigious award. However, the potential award of these funds should not be included in any external budget proposals, and voluntary cost share is prohibited on federal awards for career development.

Researcher Experience Development initiative (REDi):  Writing Large Multi-Disciplinary ProposalsThis program is intended for experienced researchers who are ready to lead large grant proposals. Your completion in this program will ensure that you have access to the Office of Research’s REACT program as well as internal rewards for leading a large research grant.

Salary Support for Large Proposal Development - Office of Research/Graduate Studies recognizes the level of effort required to develop successful, complex proposals and is announcing the availability of salary support to lead Principal Investigators to improve the probability of success.

Travel Award for Recognition of Faculty Excellence (TARFE) - The University Travel Awards committee is committed to promoting Faculty Excellence and has decided to strategically invest funds to support faculty travel when they are to receive a prestigious national or international award.

Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) – This program is designed to increase the involvement of undergraduate students in research and encourage them to pursue graduate-level research and study. The intention is to leverage external funding to expand the engagement of undergraduate researchers.

VPR Advancement of Early Career Researchers (AECR) - The purpose of the VPR AECR grant program (formerly the Office of Research In-House Research Grants program) is to initiate new faculty research activities that will strengthen faculty credentials and make faculty more competitive for external funding.

NIH Specific Aims Program – The purpose of this program is for UCF faculty with NIH experience and success to provide feedback and mentoring to faculty planning on submitting a proposal to NIH in the near future.

NSF Pitch and Writing Circles – Faculty with NSF experience and success are matched with faculty who are planning on submitting to NSF in the near future. During the Pitch and Writing Circles, faculty receive feedback from each other and from the experienced researchers.


Partnership Programs









Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) - Open Solicitation - Proposals are sought for partnership projects between UCF faculty and regional high technology industries along the Florida High Tech Corridor. The program is designed to expand the research activities of an FHTCC industry partner by providing matching funds to leverage research collaborations between Industry and UCF.

FHTCC - Phase II SBIR/STTR External Investment Program - This program is designed to expand the research activities of an FHTCC industry partner by providing external investment funds to small companies to leverage research collaborations between Industry and UCF to assist in obtaining a Phase II SBIR/STTR award.